About Me

Yoga Enthusiast - Menstural Cycle Awareness Advocate - Woman


Hello, I'm Selina, a 30-year-old woman who has embarked on a transformative journey to reclaim her health and well-being.

For five long years, I struggled with Secondary Amenorrhea*. which left me feeling lost and without answers from the medical community. Fueled by the desire to take matters into my own hands, I dedicated myself to self-education.
* If menstruation stops for three months or more in women who have already had a cycle, experts speak of secondary amenorrhea.

My path to healing took me on an incredible adventure through Asia, where something remarkable happened – I regained my menstrual cycle. This pivotal moment not only marked a personal triumph but also ignited my passion for yoga as it played a big part in my healing.


Yoga became an integral part of my life, unveiling its profound and holistic benefits. In 2020, I completed my first 200-hour Hatha, Aerial, and Yin Yoga Teacher Training in the beautiful setting of Goa, India. This training allowed me to deepen my practice and knowledge of yoga.

In 2022, I delved even further into the realm of women’s health by immersing myself in a transformative 6-week Womb Science Immersion program. This experience opened my eyes to the intricate connection between our womb and our well-being.

Building on this foundation, I continued my education in 2023 with a 50-hour Yoga & Women’s Health Teacher Training, further honing my expertise in this specialized field. Additionally, I embarked on a Yoga Anatomy Course (Deconstruct to Reconstruct), an ongoing journey of learning about the uniqueness of our bodies and how to make yoga accessible for everyone.


Since 2020, I have shared my passion and knowledge with others. As a yoga teacher, I guide students through the practice, helping them discover their inner strength and balance. I host workshops on Menstrual Cycle Awareness, empowering individuals to connect with their bodies on a profound level. I also facilitate Women Circles and other workshops, creating growth, healing, and community spaces.

My mission is to inspire and support others on their unique paths to wellness, just as I’ve found my own. Together we’ll explore the incredible healing powers that reside within each of us.